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€ 9,00 (*)


For spending over € 89.00

€ 4,00 (**)


€ 15,00


For spending over € 89.00


€ 4,00 (**)


(*) Minor Islands excluded. Costs quoted are valid for a period of limited time.

(**) Valid for your online first order made within 10 days since the date of recording on LERIEM® 's site.


Working days: from Monday to Friday, Bank-Holidays excluded.

Preparation time: The average time to receive the products ordered is about 2-3 working-days since the date on which the order was received. Any order got on Saturday and/or Sunday will be shipped the following Monday.

Shipping Time: delivery time may vary due to force majeure (i.e. bad weather, strikes).



Delivery info


The average time in order to get the ordered products is about 2 working-days, starting since the date on which the order has been received.

Timing will never exceed, under any circumstances, the one provided by art. 6 Decr. Legislative. 185/1999. To date delivery at your address, you have to count the first attempt by the courier, even if he fails because of the recipient's absence or refusal to accept his goods. The ordered products to the address specified by the Customer in his order form are due to be delivered.
The Customer must also check carefully the correctness and completeness of his entered data.

After registering on our Site, you will be allowed to access the reserved section of your account, being able to manage your address book to which we will deliver your orders.

In addition to availability, you also have to take into account the time needed by LERIEM® to manage it. Orders paid by credit card, PayPal, prepaid Cards or cash on delivery will be received earlier by the Customer. Payment made by bank transfer can vary its shipping date, as the order is due to be processed when the bank will have confirmed its credit.

Deliveries are performed from Monday to Friday, during standard business hours, except during Bank-Holidays. As soon as the order is received by the courier, the Customer will get an email with a link to verify the location of its package until its actual delivery.
Delivery is officially done when the product is made available to the Client at the address which was specified in the order form.
Upon delivery of the goods by the courier hired by Leriem Sas, the Customer is due to check carefully:

  1. its packaging to be both intact and not damaged or otherwise altered;
  2. its delivered pieces to be as many as those indicated in the referred BOD.

Any damage to packaging and products or failure at matching the number of pieces / items must be must be immediately complained by the Customer, who may contact LERIEM® through its Customer-Care, specifying the mistaken order in order to avoid further setbacks.