LERIEM® presents a new cosmetics line which is extremely refined and qualitatively high, coming from decades of experience in the fields of italian spas and baths.
LERIEM® offers a range of face and body cutting edge treatments. Our skin-cosmetics line was born from high quality formulations, allowing you to solve your problems and meet the needs of every skin type. The high effectiveness and reliability of the products is guaranteed by the severe and meticulous research carried out systematically by our laboratories. Most of the production is characterized by modern packaging that combines its glass bottles’ beauty, preciousness and luxury with all the technical and functional advantages of a new airless system. This ensures greater hygiene, precise dosage of the product and a great simplicity to be used.


LERIEM® constantly works on different skins’ needs through research and development of products and specific high quality treatments, whose efficacy and safety is guaranteed by our laboratories. We work to enable each woman to take care of her look, allowing herself the best cosmetic innovation and obtaining the utmost satisfaction. Attention to quality is a key aspect for LERIEM®.
Employing the latest discoveries of cosmetics research and offering our customers cutting edge products and the commitment of researchers alongside is our daily job. Using fine ingredients and raw materials of extreme purity together with a careful and scrupulous activity of investigation and experimentation, leads to more effective, sure and pleasant matches. Each product is developed with the utmost care of details, from the composition of the formula up to the choice of packaging.

Via A. Previtali, 30 – 35031 Abano Terme – Padova (PD) – ITALIA
Tel: +39 – 340 – 8686889
Registrato presso CCIAA di PADOVA – REA: PD – 421568
P.IVA: 04825650288

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ABI: 08610 CAB: 62320 C/C: 900332 BIC:CCRTIT2T97A
IBAN: IT74G0898262320034000900332